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Review of the MEAN Stack and Getting Hired as Such

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Our Austin MEAN Stack Dev group is meeting on Tue, August 18, 2015, from 6:45PM-9PM. This post, which is a summary of our meeting, will evolve into a blog entry soon after the meetup next week. Please check back then for more info.

We have three basic goals for our meetup:

  1. Overview of coding the full MEAN Stack
  2. Touch on and discuss lessons learned about getting hired as M||E||A||N (iMEAN) Stack developer
  3. Tour the IBM Design Studio facility

Goal one, obviously, we'll code a quick, sample app that uses all four layers of the MEAN stack. Also, time allowing, we'll go over a realistic and practical dev workflow. What does that mean exactly? (pun totally intended) Advanced workflows and complex web apps aside, we can use tools like NPM, Heroku, and GitHub to get a real project off the ground and in production--yes in production--with normal dev tools like jshint for maintaining code cleanliness, jasmine for testing (BDD), and Travis CI for continuous integration. Granted, we're not talking about web apps at the level of Stack Overflow, Google, or meetup.com. The advantage to doing this is the experience, forced discipline due to production-ilizing it, and the hip-deep immersion into the stack. This, in turn, gives us something to provide as reference-works when applying for opportunities. Furthermore, we develop/enhance a discussion mindset full of MEAN stack dev substance.

Bullet number two: over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of discussing/experiencing insights, ideas, and trends in job searching and applying for tech jobs, namely iMEAN stack opportunities. We'll be going over those during the meetup, and I'll include those in my blog entry soon after. For now, I'll list out the main ideas: Know Thyself, Calibrate, Community, DO--On a Whim, and Extract Opp Data!

Tour of the IBM Design Studio, an awesome working space, will be in person, obviously. So, if anyone's interested, you'll have to attend the meetup! :-P

Looking forward to it, folks!


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