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Create a Slack Bot in 10 Minutes or Your $ Back!

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Fine print: This is not really a money back guarantee! :-P

So, I was recently talking to Ben Brown (@benbrown) of howdy.ai, and he was telling me about their awesome botkit open source project and how easily and quickly developers can create a slack bot to use in their slack channels, etc. I believed him, of course. But, he asked if I would take botkit out for a quick run and give him my take on it. As is my nature, I did a little research first. But, later on that day, I finally got down to it, and yes, after about 10 minutes or so, I really did have my very own slack bot--very minimal operation of course, very crude code, etc, [insert more fine print here]! Nevertheless, at that point, I really believed him! I never doubted you, Ben! :-P

So, instead of sending a boring email to him explaining how it went, I quickly whipped up this video to show him, how it went!

Next step: deep dives into the botkit code!

But first, I need to get some rest. I look dead tired in the video! Sorry, y'all! :-)

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