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Faster Module Loading, Node v6

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This short entry is a supplement to my previous article, where I mention how module loading, in Node v6, is four (4) times faster than Node v4.

In there, I briefly mention the Benchmarking Working Group's performance charts that show v6's module loading performance increase. Now, I'm sure there are some articles out there that point out which of these charts illustrates the boost in performance. Alas, I could not find one when I wrote the above-mentioned article.

During his presentation last night, however, Evan Lucas (@evanhlucas) pointed it out to us at the ATX Bleeding Edge Web meetup. The chart in question is the one shown below, which can also, currently, be found at the NodeJs benchmarks page.

Again, the graph below is the one that clearly illustrates the substantial increase in module loading, primarily comparing Node v4 to Node v6.

Current NodeJs Benchmark Chart for Module Loading

Dislaimer: The chart at the NodeJs Benchmarks page might be different than the one shown above due to future versions, etc.

What purpose does all of this serve? Well, aside from supplementing my previous article, hopefully it also helps us to continually appreciate the Node community's claims to progress are genuine--not to mention all the hard work that goes into it.

Enjoy! :-)


The header picture for this blog entry is simply a snapshot of my home office book case. Although there are several books shown, which can be looked up for authors' credits, the main one I tried to capture is Mario Casciaro's (@mariocasciaro) Node.js Design Patterns.

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