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I'm Hapi with Express, and That's O-Koa

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Whenever I get asked which NodeJs, web framework would be the best to choose from, at the risk of sounding cliche, I always respond with, "It depends!" Now, I'm not going enumerate the pros and cons of the different frameworks out there. I'm also not going to try and guess what your needs and expertise are. I will only say this. Basically, the choice depends on:

For me, the choice has been and still is easy enough. I choose Express! I do so, however, not because I feel it's better than the others, but because it fits me for what I need and for what I am doing. Furthermore, in the great last words of Eran Hammer, 'There is no "best"'(2).

All that being said, however, I do have some particular reasons for going with Express.

First and foremost, it's the framework that I first started using in development and production, a few years ago. Given that I haven't yet found any reason to assess and possibly switch to another framework, I find it most efficient, practical, and a fair return on investment to stick with it, for now. That's not to say that I don't keep my eyes open for other frameworks out there. ;-)

Also, even with other frameworks popping up, I think that Express still has a great future. In case you missed it, the Node.js Foundation recently added Express to its incubator program(3). That was huge! Following in the footsteps of Node, the Express team is having their weekly TC meetings on Wednesdays and is open to the public to listen on. Furthermore, the effort is supported with experienced mentors from the Node team. All of this momentum is very promising for Express' future.

Moreover, what helped continue to encourage me in my choice is the Node.js Foundation's 2016 User Survey Report.

Not only does the report conclude that the MEAN Stack is doing well(4), but it specifically mentions that, "Express, cited the most, is used by an average of 83 percent of developers"! It truly is starting to feel like Express is getting past the "cool/hip" phase and more into the good, mature stage(5).

Side Note: Express is alive and kicking in our local, Austin MEAN Stack Dev meetupEvan Hahn, author of, Express in Action, is visiting us in Austin, TX, USA, on Thursday August 4, 2016 as a guest speaker at our meetup! Woot! Looking forward to seeing y'all there!


  1. NodeJs, Web Framework Comparisons
  2. The last words (i.e.sentence) in Eran Hammer's Response to Netflix's "Node.js in Flames" Blog Post are 'There is no "best"', in reference to the various frameworks' superiority over each other, without the context of one's use case and requirements.
  3. Node.js Foundation added Express to its incubator program recently.
  4. One of the main sections of the report is titled, 'Full “MEAN” Stack Explodes', which can be found in the foundation's web announcement or on page four of the actual (PDF) report. Incidentally, this is good news for our local, Austin MEAN Stack Dev meetup! :-D
  5. In his response to the seventh (7th) question in an Info Q interview, Evan Hahn, mentions that "People will stop using it [Express] because it's the hip thing to do—people will use it because it's a good tool for building a certain kind of web application".


The jumbotron photo in this entry is Express in Action by Evan Hahn. I have it surrounded by several of my briar wood pipes that I've collected to date.

The 2016 Node User Survey image is from the actual, PDF report found here.

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