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Lightning Talk--NodeSummit 2016

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Last Thursday (8/4/2016) we had our "Express in Action", by Evan Hahn, book signing meetup. As part of the meetup, I gave a lightning talk to summarize what I got out of my attendance at this year's NodeSummit conference.

Needless to say, these are exciting times in the NodeJs community, and community, per se, was a significant part of the message at the conference. It was, however, one of two main topics discussed. Slides below...

Of all the talks presented at the summit, the two main themes I grabbed out of it all were community/education and the bright future that NodeJs has in front of it. FYI: the 8/4/2016 date on all the slides is the date of the meetup, where I gave the lightning talk.

The first talk that really caught my attention was the NodeJs Community Panel. Sitting in the panel were: Rachel White, Dan Shaw, Bryan Hughes, and Tracy Hinds. The panel discussed what I felt were three main areas in the NodeJs community:

  • the definition of "Node Community",
  • a Node community retrospective,
  • and finally what each of the panel members would like to see in the future of NodeJs.

The first bullet point, definition of "Node Community", is summarized in the slide below. Within that, the last sub-bullet point is what really intrigued me about the selfless persepctive that these guys/gals have about the community and looking out for the success of NodeJs.

During their retrospective discussion, the panel members went over what worked, what didn't work, and what could be done better. In the slide below, I listed and amalgam of the three since they basically overlapped as two sides of the same coin.

Finally, the panel went over what each of them would like to see in the NodeJs community. These are listed in this respective slide.

To see the rest of the slides, please find them here. I do suggest, however, that they be viewed in conjunction with the video below, where I go over more of the details and flesh out the slides. Incidentally, the video auto-starts at the lightning talk, at 10 minutes, 28 seconds. FYI: After my lightning talk in the video, you will find the main event, i.e. Evan's talk about his book and ExpressJs. Also, the video was made possible by one of our fabulous sponsors, Capital Factory. Please visit their site!

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