NodeSummit 2016


Sublime Text, Auto Pair Back Ticks Configuration

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ES6 (aka "ECMAScript 2015"), introduced template strings to Javascript, which is awesome 🙌! For those of us that use Sublime Text (subl), however, we don't (at least not at this time) get back tick, auto pair functionality out of the box. We do have others like double and single quote, auto pairing. So, off the bat, we are good there--but not with back ticks 😢 .

Incidentally, I know there are other awesome editors out there that might already have back tick, auto pair functionality, but I wanted to share this for those using subl 👍.

I found a couple of places, out in the ether, that give us the solution, so I wanted to share it here for more visibility! Credit to original links included in the gist below.

Simply follow the short instructions, 1. to 3.22 in the gist below, and you'll be set to go!

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