NodeSummit 2016


ATX Serverless--Guillermo Rauch of Zeit

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We had such a great inaugural, #atx #serverless, meetup last week; and there really was no better way to kick it off than by having Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg) of ▲ ZEIT come join us.

I am in the process of trying to get his slide deck, so please hang tight.

For now, however, I'd like to get everyone's thoughts on the subject matter, etc. This is a very short survey that will help us improve our ATX Serverless meetups, etc. The survey is good for whether you attended or not. Also, it will help us tweak our meetups, but more important, it could help us get Guillermo back to re-visit us. I plan on hosting at a location where we can get more folks in and potentially get more insights from Zeit! 🙌


I posted all the pictures from before and the night of the meetup for all to enjoy. If you didn't have your picture taken and would have liked to, please be sure to grab me next time, and we'll remedy that! 👍

Guillermo was running a tad bit late, but we were able to grab him from downstairs and run him up!

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We thanked all our gracious sponsors and gave them an opportunity to tell us about their products and services!


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Guillermo was kind enough to hand out our door prizes!

The picture of him holding an Austin Fraser t-shirt is not actually a door prize but a small token of appreciation from us to him, for his generousity for coming down here to see us!

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Last, but definitely not least, we couldn't get enough of picking @rauchg's brain. So, we hounded him afterwards and wouldn't let him leave! 😜

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Again, please help us improve by taking this really short survey!



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