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Fast Deploy Serverless New Subdomains on Zeit

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I found this little gem while I was experimenting with @zeithq's CLI tool, called now.

I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to add a new subdomain to my zeit-purchased/registered top-level domain. I couldn't find it in the documention and tried to ask someone on their zeit, chat channel (hosted on spectrum chat). But, like usual, I got a little impatient and started banging away at the CLI tool.

That's when I found this...

fast serverless deploy to zeit subdomain

  • $ now alias website-plbxcolahr.now.sh test.atxserverless.com
  • > Assigning alias test.atxserverless.com to deployment website-plbxcolahr.now.sh
  • > Success! test.atxserverless.com now points to website-plbxcolahr.now.sh [3s]
  • $ open https://test.atxserverless.com

The above command (first line) will create the subdomain if it doesn't already exist. Zeit's documentation on using alias does mention the command, but it doesn't mention the fact that the subdomain is automatically created for you. Why is this so cool? 👇


What does this have to do with serverless? Check back later for a blog entry that explains what I mean! ;-)

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