NodeSummit 2016


Real World Serverless by Cloudflare

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We had a blast at our #atx #serverless event last night, with @cloudflare, guest speakers: Victoria Bernard(@Miss_Vee22), Preston Pham, and the engergetic Remy Guercio (@remyguercio)! 👏

Thank you, Andrew Fitch (@fitchaj), for recording the talks. Looking forward to getting a link from ya!

Quick Summary

The speakers went over three key aspects for developing successful serverless applications!

Cloudflare Workers

First, Victoria went over Cloudflare Workers, which help with developing and deploying serverless apps out in the field.

Strategic Routing

Preston followed suit and discussed how to implement routing (similar to ExpressJs routing) to facilitate serverless execution.

No-Ops Mentality

Last but not least, Remy covered deployments, with as much of a No-Ops mentality as possible--No-Ops being one of the tenets and benefits that makes serverless so attractive to develpers and tech leaders, overall.

As before, I'd like to get everyone's thoughts on serverless in Austin. This is a short survey that will help us improve our ATX Serverless events, etc. The survey is good for whether you attended or not.


I posted all the pictures from before and the night of the meetup for all to enjoy. If you didn't have your picture taken and would have liked to, please be sure to grab me next time, and we'll remedy that! 👍

Three great speakers, going over use cases for Cloudflare Workers! 👍

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We thanked all our gracious sponsors and gave them an opportunity to tell us about their products and services! Photo bombs not intentional, but welcomed! 😜


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Door prizes were handed out by our gracious, guest speakers!

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Last, but definitely not least, I couldn't help but make an animated gif of Remy Guercio (@remyguercio) demonstrating how , without Cloudflare, clients would typically start off their daily standups by warming up their ELBs! 🤣

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